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Our WiFi service provides Broadband speed WiFi – as fast as you are used to at home – to all your registered devices no matter where you are in the campground. You will be able to stream your favorite shows and movies, play online games, do WiFi calling on your cell phone, and work from ANYWHERE in the campground on ANY device at ANY time of the day.


Powered by AccessParks, the leading managed service provider delivering Broadband internet to high population densities in remote locations.

WiFi is complimentary for weekend guests throughout their entire stay!

Planning a longer stay with us? We have plenty of great plan options! Click here for details.



We offer a variety of service plans to best meet your needs

FSC Family Yearly Plan PLUS - 8 Devices
Eight devices per year
$ 600.00
FSC Family Yearly Plan - 4 Devices
Four devices per year
$ 450.00
FSC Family Season Plan PLUS - 8 Devices
Eight devices for seven months
$ 350.00
FSC Family Season Plan - 4 Devices
Four devices for seven months
$ 250.00
FSC Family Monthly Plan - 4 Devices
Four devices per month
$ 40.00
FSC Family Weekly Plan - 4 Devices
Four devices per week
$ 25.00
FSC Single Device Weekly Plan - 1 Device
Single Device per week
$ 15.00
FSC Family Daily Plan - 4 Devices
Four devices per day
$ 10.00
FSC Single Device Daily Plan - 1 Device
Single device per day
$ 5.00


Getting online is as easy as 1,2,3,4

Connect your device to the "Enrollment FSC Broadband"

WiFi network while inside the park

Click "Sign Up with Payments” to pay with Credit Card

(Or "Sign Up with Voucher" if you were given a Voucher Code) 

Select a plan, enter your email, and click “Pay With Credit Card”

Connect your device to the "FSC Broadband 5GHz" WiFi network and enter the password you were given in your email

  • Why should I choose this WiFi service over other options? (Comcast/Cellular Hotspot/etc)
    We offer Broadband Speed Internet (similar speeds to what you would get at home) on every device anywhere in the campground. Best of all, no contracts! We offer a range of plan options so you can choose one that is the right fit for you!
  • What is the difference between the "FSC Broadband 5GHz" network and the "FSC Broadband" network?
    The "FSC Broadband" network is a 2.4GHz network. For WiFi networks, 5GHz is a newer standard and provides faster speeds while 2.4GHz is an older standard and provides slower speeds BUT works better over longer ranges and has better transmission through walls and solid objects. Note: Many devices like Smart TVs and security cameras will only work on the 2.4GHz
  • Can I sign up for the service on a different device then one that I want to use on my WiFi plan?
    No, the device you do the initial plan signup from will be the first device registered to your plan. Please make sure you signup from a device you want on the plan.
  • I have an Apple device - why won’t it reconnect to the "FSC Broadband 5GHz" network after I have registered?
    Apple devices “remember” the last network it connected to and usually try to reconnect to that network first. Since you connected to the "Enrollment FSC Broadband” to register your device and pay for your plan, it may continue to reconnect to the Enrollment network. Simply go into your “Settings” or “System Preferences,” click on WiFi, click on the “Info” icon next to the "Enrollment FSC Broadband" network, and click on “Forget this Network.” Then select the "FSC Broadband 5GHz,” and it should continue to reconnect to that network in the future.


Check out our current download speeds from a probe inside the park 

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