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In the early sixties, Norman and Rose Robinson were running a bustling farm, growing different crops while always trying to turn a profit. Five friends approached the couple in the spring of 1967 and asked permission to set up their campers by the farm’s irrigation pond over the weekend. In no time at all, Norm and Rose realized that it was far easier to rent the land out for camping than trying to get the weather and nature to play along consistently to turn a profit at farming.


That fall, Four Seasons Campground was officially born. It quickly became one of the premier camping destinations all around South Jersey due to its close proximity to Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore while being far enough away from it all to feel relaxing and peaceful. Through the years, many people have created warm memories at Four Seasons. We still hear stories about teens that met their future husband or wife in our little neck of the woods.


Norm and Rose retired in time, and Jack and Lib stepped up to run the business aided by long-time manager Greg, who grew up camping at Four Seasons. The three of them had the foresight to realize that the future of camping would demand big electric loads, and their most significant contribution was seeing that every site was equipped with 100 amps of service. That service was far ahead of its time, and we are still at the head of the industry today with our electric service.


In 2016, John and Cheryl stepped to the helm to run the business with the help of some highly skilled people. The fourth generation of Robinson children is actively helping in the areas where they are talented, and we just recently added the second, third, and fourth member of the fifth generation! We, as a family, take our responsibility to you, our guests, very seriously. We thank you for inviting us into your family and strive to find ways to make it easier for you to make memories that will last with your families for generations to come!

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